The real ome direction!!!!



  1. Posted by DonutMaster07, — Reply

    Wow, thanks for injuring my soul. I wasn't a Directioner when they were together, but a month ago I entered the fandom and the exit is no where in sight.

  2. Posted by gb11373, — Reply

    Okay first off no it’s not! Without Zayn one direction isn’t complete it may still be kind of one direction but not completely there is still a part of them missing! Okay! Get that through your thick skulls!!!!!

  3. Posted by aleighab13, — Reply

    One direction will always be my favorite boy band I don’t what anybody else thinks about one direction because I love them no matter ❤️

  4. Posted by ClaireWald9264, — Reply

    Okay this video is incorrect. For one. What the hell is wrong with this song. If it’s about One Direction then they should have a one direction song that goes with it. ANNNNND WHERES my boy Zayn??

  5. Posted by wolfangel2007, — Reply

    I hate that everyone is always saying they are just another dumb stupid boy band. They so aren’t, okay people, leave me alone, they are a great group of people. Stop making fun of me if you have an up session with something else you can’t say I’m crazy

  6. Posted by theposieblog, — Reply

    it’s emotionally draining to be in this fandom tbh, but i can’t wait to see them selling out concerts once again, then, it will all be worth it. all of it.

  7. Posted by simbamalik27, — Reply

    Hey🖤There's this One Direction Where We Are music concert livestream on YouTube tomorrow 3pm uk time..And we directioners plan on breaking BTS's Guinness world record of livestream with most viewers . We need more than 756,000 viewers during the livestream tomorrow. So i was hoping if you'd also join😄. I'm spreading the word as much as I can 😄😄

  8. Posted by welovemusic615, — Reply

    guys i was watching this video with the song hands by the vamps sabrina carpenter and mike perry and it went with the video so much better

  9. Posted by AzraTroyee, — Reply

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  10. Posted by Fockingavocados45, — Reply

    People who do not listen to one direction, IS IT OK ?, or those who do not know them, are you OK ?, because you are missing the best band that existed on the planet🐦

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