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  1. Posted by fish_child, — Reply

    heyyyy kids. I was just wondering if you could check out my yt channel? it’s fish_ child ~ same as my username! thanks! i’m trying to grow, and one day *hopefully* make moneyyyyy! thanks ❤️

  2. Posted by janetteelbayeh, — Reply

    That happened but not with a doctor, so I have to take like some sort of exam for music lessons every year, and we go to this office place that’s like an hour away from home. One time I was waiting outside and the receptionist told me to go to the waiting room cause the examiner would be there in a few minutes, and I was literally waiting there for 30 😂

  3. Posted by queentynado04, — Reply

    No, even bigger lie: I have read and agreed to the Privacy Terms & Policy

  4. Posted by alexislanae136, — Reply

    No it’s when your mom says that if you tell them you won’t get in trouble

  5. Posted by WeebandZelda, — Reply

    A couple of hours you mean!!

  6. Posted by elf9558, — Reply

    Biggest lie ever is: I have read the terms.....

  7. Posted by belles4realz, — Reply

    Please don’t eat raw cookie dough

  8. Posted by Arrakis42, — Reply

    Sorry take that back, 6 hours

  9. Posted by Arrakis42, — Reply

    Change it to three hours

  10. Posted by belles4realz, — Reply

    No that’s not it

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