Joanna Gaines Shows Off the Set of Her Future Cooking Show


As Joanna Gaines and her husband, Chip Gaines, prepare to launch their own television network, they give fans a sneak peek on Instagram


  1. Posted by almabey01, — Reply

    (For my Design in Everyday Living class) The wall in this picture is what helps everything harmonize. The light tan accents in the wall automatically soften the boldness of the light tan cabinets and the wooden floor. There are also accents of grey, which helps blend the grey counter and oven into the picture.

  2. Posted by lisalu88, — Reply

    Seriously. Who among us can even wait for a Joanna Gaines cooking show?❤

  3. Posted by carolesmatsch, — Reply

    What type of would floor is in the kitchen?

  4. Posted by jufjuf, — Reply

    what wood and finish is on the cabinets?

  5. Posted by gretchenck, — Reply


  6. Posted by carolesmatsch, — Reply

    What are the countertops made if?

  7. Posted by dicada, — Reply

    LOVE the wall!!

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