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  1. Posted by hollyleaf0635, — Reply

    So when I’m at the bottom of my stairs and my dog comes down he looks like a black bare here’s a pic of him so U know ware I get “Black bare” from

  2. Posted by lb5874, — Reply

    My dog would just take them like 5 at a time, lol. Our favorite thing to do with her was race her up the stairs. She got sooo happy, just running up and down the stairs, running back and forth down the hall, then running back down the stairs.

  3. Posted by JamieJ__, — Reply

    That’s harder than one paw at a time. I guess he just needs a workout. Cardio day today I guess.. :)

  4. Posted by lilyblul, — Reply

    Il est excellent ce chien !! 1ère fois que je vois un chien monter les marches comme ça 😂

  5. Posted by michaeleshoff, — Reply

    My German Shepherd doesn't like stairs after sliding down out long icy deck stairs.

  6. Posted by jeferson0128, — Reply

    "Rosalvo, vem jogar um pouco do Super Mario comigo." "Opa, agora mesmo!"

  7. Posted by rommyk57, — Reply

    Boing..boing..boing...boing... boing...

  8. Posted by MarcoAntonius8, — Reply

    😂😂😂Melhor maneira de subir na escola. Nesse caso, prefiro os cachorros.

  9. Posted by khines1982, — Reply

    Dog + kangaroo = dogaroo 😂🥰

  10. Posted by TKtater, — Reply

    That’s how I look while tip toeing thru the tulips😂🤣😂

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