Creamy Mozzarella Scallop Pasta - Julia's Album


Creamy Mozzarella Scallop Pasta is one of the best pasta recipes you’ll ever try!  Finger-licking good, easy-to-make, and your scallops will have the perfect texture! My favorite way to cook scallops is to sear them in olive oil or butter on the stovetop in the skillet. What you get are beautifully pan-seared scallops with a...Read More


  1. Posted by jfaithmc4, — Reply

    Mine turned out beautifully. It looked like the photo. lacked flavor. I think that a different cheese would help boost the flavor as mozzarella is so mild. It certainly didn’t taste bad, just lacked flavor.

  2. Posted by tbruha, — Reply

    Had really good flavor but for me it was too dry. I like my pasta creamy and it wasn’t as creamy as the picture looks. 2-1-20.

  3. Posted by bartlett29192322, — Reply

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  4. Posted by alileesher, — Reply

    Easy and good

  5. Posted by tresacandy, — Reply

    Cheese and seafood big NO NO

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