An Artsy Downtown Loft in LA Bursting with Books


You have to see this DIY library wall.


  1. Posted by nuriramadhan, — Reply

    I always wanted to have a room full of books like this. Then the string lights also make the atmosphere more charming. If the room is beautiful like this, even this could be a mini studio if you have to create content for social media. Surely the results of your photos or videos will become even cooler. 📚🎸

  2. Posted by xxoali, — Reply

    Not as bohemian as this. But a huge, bright library with twinkle lights and lots of light and plants.

  3. Posted by batgirl756, — Reply

    Oh look! Here come all the introverts! 😜 Honestly tho, an introvert can dream..💕

  4. Posted by CuteCoffeeShop, — Reply

    *Throws money at you* take all the money you want, just give me this ROOM!!

  5. Posted by mysticalmeadows101, — Reply

    W-woah...I think my heart just skipped a beat.

  6. Posted by cathyr0690, — Reply

    Wow! You can never have too many books👍

  7. Posted by its_ratcliff, — Reply

    Swing and lights on the ceiling

  8. Posted by sopusik, — Reply

    Where can I get those lights?

  9. Posted by mickykaye, — Reply

    When can I move in ....

  10. Posted by allissiasattic, — Reply

    💜 great design!

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