Adaptive Tasks


Soda vending is a great vocational task that is adaptable for different learning levels from matching to counting profits. I recycled a fishing tackle organizer and placed a visual of a vending machine on the lid. When you open the front just like a regular machine there are various sodas inside. For the matching I placed a smaller picture of each soda in each compartment so students can match the sodas. To make it more for students that can do math, they have a list of how many sodas were in the machine first and how much the sodas cost. I remove some of the sodas and put money in the bottom compartment of the box to correspond with how many are missing. The student checks to see if the money adds up correctly with how many were purchased and then restocks the machine. To give them an added challenge you can hold back some of the change, and when they add it up to see that they don't match up with how many are purchased, they will see how much profit they lost.